• Power Suppy รุ่น SUNSHINE P-3005DA // 5A,30V

Primary Technical Parameter:


1.Rated working condition


Supply voltage AC110V/220V ±10% (switch chose) frequency (50hz / 60hz)

Working condition Temperature -10°C-40°C,relative humility≤90% 

Storage condition Temperature -10°C-40°C,relative humility≤80%




Voltage 0-30V

Current 0-5A

Power 150W

Protection types circuit protection,overload and over high temperature protection.


Overload mediation


Voltage 0.01%+3mV(I≤3A)

Current 0.2%+3mA(I≤3A)

Power mediation rate and resolution

Voltage 0.01%+3mV

Current 0.01%+3mA

Voltage 10mV

Current 1mA (2mA Rated Current>3A)

Setting accuracy (25±5°C)

Voltage ≤0.1% 

Current ≤10mA Rated Current >3A

Ripple (20Hz-20MHz)

Voltage Ripple≤1mVrms (≤ 2mVrms >3A

Temperature coefficient (0-40°C)

Voltage ≤ 300ppm+10mV

Current ≤ 300ppm+10mA

Read back value resolution

Voltage ≤ 300ppm+10mV

Current ≤ 300ppm+10mA




Voltage ≤ 300ppm+10mV 

Current ≤3 00ppm+10mA



1. The 5A adjustable dc power supply is with high quality and high power transformer, the machine power

is enough, can really achieve the voltage output 30V, current output 5A, and can accurately set the

protection current size.

2.4 bit accurate control and display, bring more precise control, and constant pressure flow protection

mode, effective protection of the safety of the load.

3. The whole process circuit after the factory more than 10 years of continuous improvement and

innovation, precise control, mature technology, high safety, stable and reliable by 
users at home and broad is certainly.

4 built-in temperature control protection circuit, when the machine internal heating temperature of over

40 degrees, the cooling fan will automatically run, when the power is connected to load 
more than the maximum load of the machine will automatically protect, stop output, effectively protect the

use of power supply safety, extended service life.

Power Suppy รุ่น SUNSHINE P-3005DA // 5A,30V

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